Here’s a chance of handy charging

Do you know?
Charging an EV into a general outlet uses more than three air-conditioners’ electricity.

AI-based EV recognition

Safe power outlet charging

We don’t set a dedicated parking space.

Innovation in Charging your EV

AI-based EV recognition

ChargeCon continuously monitors current and temperature.
When an overcurrent or high temperature is detected, the current is immediately cut off and operates again only when there is no safety problem.

Safe power outlet charging
ChargeCon can recognize EV charging by analyzing the characteristics of electric signals generated when charging EV through artificial intelligence-based analysis.
We don’t set a dedicated parking space.
Available to charge EV anywhere in the parking lot nearby.
Be free from arguments with other residents in your private parking area or receiving a call to leave your car at dawn.
Category Chargecon M Chargecon E/W
Model STRARCC V1.1
Rated Capacity Platform 220V/ AC / 60Hz / 16A
Rated Output 3.5kW
Communication Method LPWAN-IoT, LTE Cat.M WIFI(W model) / Ethernet(E model)
Authentication & Payment Membership Card, Credit card payment through QR code authentication
Product Size 110(W) x 85(D) x 190(H)mm
Weight Main body 410g (Packing unit: 660g +/- 10g)
Product Material Flame Retardant PC
Sign and Note
Status Display LED Power, Load recognition, Instrument Purification
Power Indicator LED Integrated power, Charging power, State monitoring charging time and control through a smartphone
Additional Products Signs and other promotional materials, Portable charging cables(optional specifications)
Applied Technology Patent 10-2007224/ 10-2004189

Charging EV becomes more enjoyable with ChargeStar®!

Using ChargeStar prevents electrical accidents and common electricity theft.

What’s the difference with this product?

All-in-one Design

Everybody dreams of adventure, but safety comes first for my EV.

We have secured safety and design with urethane finish.

Controllable charging speed

(4 stages speed adjustment)
From the cell balancing mode for batteries(6A) to the highest speed boosting mode(16A) in Korea.

It’s a simple setting, charging that fits you perfectly.

Safety function

ChargeStar stops charging on its own if overheating occurs while charging EV.

Wait until the EV is at a chargeable temperature and automatically restar the charging.

Category Standards
Model STRARCC V1.1
Plug Specification Standard of the Korea Ministry of Environment J1772 (AC Platform, 5pin)
Input / Output Platform 220V / 60Hz / 16A
Maximum Output 3.5kW
Insulation Resistance 1,000MΩ (DC500V)
Wires Standard 300/500V 4C 2.5sq, 7m/5m
Protection Level IP55
Safety Device Short circuit protection, Over voltageLow voltageOver current protection, overheating protection
Safety Verification Code XA070158-20001A
Electromagnetic Compatibility Registration R-R-9sc-STARCSV11
CB Verification Code KR-KTL-9920

Product Composition

Billing Outlet

Be free from complicated and
uncomfortable charging EV system.

With Chargecon® and Chargestar®,
you are all set!
Living in the smart era,
charge EV smartly, too.